Dear love

I’d love to converse with the stars…
Every night as I count them…
I’d love to tell them about you and how my heart can’t contain itself just from peeping or hearing your voice…

Dear love…

Every morning I go on my knees thanking Him for making such a beautiful scenery… YOU❤
I guess he took His time and He was certain that he was going to send an angel…
And every day I hope that this angel will be the light to my darker paths

See I am jealous of your cologne… It gets to be all over your body
I am jealous of your boxers… I mean.. It carries “my children”
I am jealous of how the sun gets to light up your way… How it surrounds you and how it gets you dripping… Sweat!!!

So love of my life…
I fantasize how you’ll always come back home to me…
When you can’t even move a single inch from exhaustion…
But baby I would have prepared your best meal
Wet fry fish… Ugali and some chutney…. And guacamole too😊

I will hold you and trace the hairs that cover your head up to your face…
I want to make your dark coffee every morning..

So my dear beloved…
My love for you is more like a circle than a love triangle😊


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